Chapter 1. Introduction


There are many ways to help spread the adoption of a technology, and to share skills and experience amongst a community of practitioners. Different approaches work well for communicating different kinds of knowledge. And we all individually have a preferred means of acquiring new skills, or getting help with a specific problem. Reference manuals, tutorials, recipes, best practice guides and experience reports all have their role. As do training courses, mentoring, pair programming and code reviews.

This book attempts to add to the steadily growing canon of reference documentation relating to Linked Data. Linked Data is a means of publishing "web-native" data using standards like HTTP, URIs and RDF. The book adopts a tried and tested means of communicating knowledge and experience in software development: the design pattern. The book is organized as a pattern catalogue that covers a range of different areas from the design of web scale identifiers through to application development patterns. The intent is to create a ready reference that will be useful for both the beginner and the experienced practioner alike. It's also intended to grow and mature in line with the practitioner community.

Table of Contents