Linked Data Patterns

A pattern catalogue for modelling, publishing, and consuming Linked Data

Leigh Dodds

Ian Davis



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Thanks to members of the Linked Data mailing list for their feedback and input, and Sean Hannan for contributing some CSS to style the online book.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Identifier Patterns
Hierarchical URIs
Literal Keys
Natural Keys
Patterned URIs
Proxy URIs
Rebased URI
Shared Keys
URL Slug
3. Modelling Patterns
Custom Datatype
Index Resources
Label Everything
Link Not Label
Multi-Lingual Literal
N-Ary Relation
Ordered List
Ordering Relation
Preferred Label
Qualified Relation
Reified Statement
Repeated Property
Topic Relation
Typed Literal
4. Publishing Patterns
Dataset Autodiscovery
Document Type
Edit Trail
Embedded Metadata
Equivalence Links
Link Base
Materialize Inferences
Primary Topic Autodiscovery
Progressive Enrichment
See Also
5. Data Management Patterns
Graph Annotation
Graph Per Aspect
Graph Per Resource
Graph Per Source
Named Graph
Union Graph
6. Application Patterns
Assertion Query
Bounded Description
Composite Descriptions
Follow Your Nose
Missing Isn't Broken
Named Query
Parallel Loading
Parallel Retrieval
Parameterised Query
Resource Caching
Schema Annotation
Transformation Query
URI Resolver